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Why Quote Helper?

QuoteHelper is an incredibly useful cost-free tool that makes shopping for auto insurance a breeze. With multiple forms to fill out on various insurance websites and decisions to be made regarding coverage levels, deductibles, supplemental medical coverage, and more, the insurance shopping process can seem tedious and complicated at best. Knowing this and the fact that 43 percent of drivers are overpaying for their auto insurance by up to $450 each and every year, we developed QuoteHelper to streamline the process and save you both money and time.

With QuoteHelper, there’s no need to visit multiple sites and fill out form after form. Simply breeze through our fast and simple questionnaire and we’ll provide you with competitive quotes from a myriad of agents and insurers to compare. From start to finish, you can complete the entire process in under five minutes and begin saving on your auto insurance today!

How it Works

QuoteHelper connects people with a vast network of qualified car insurance agents representing the top insurance companies from across the nation. Thanks to their ability to instantly compare quotes from multiple insurers, QuoteHelper users proudly save an average of over $400 per year on their car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, and boat insurance. Here’s a closer look at how QuoteHelper works:

  • Fill out our simple, easy-to-use form, which most users are able to complete in less than 5 minutes.
  • Instantly get matched with several of your area’s leading insurance providers. There are several factors that help determine which insurers you’re matched to, such as your location, current car insurance provider, driving history, and the type of insurance you need.
  • QuoteHelper matches you with the most appropriate insurers and agents serving in your area.
  • We also provide you with a list of insurance companies that match your needs, so you can learn more about them while waiting to be contacted from your matched agents.
  • Take advantage of having several insurance agents and companies competing for your business. Studies have revealed time and time again that people are able to maximize their auto insurance savings by comparing three or more providers.
  • When comparing auto insurance quotes, it’s important to consider billing options, the claims process, and features like 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance. It’s easy to find yourself focusing solely on your monthly premium, but these factors can be equally important.

To learn more about car insurance we recommend you read through our Frequently Asked Questions section below or even better, why not just call us today? We have people standing by to serve you! Call us anytime at (844) 325-1360 to speak to a live person that can assist you with your needs or even help you set up a quote!

Car Insurance FAQ's

What information is required for a quote?

Information regarding your current auto policy is a great starting point when gathering the info needed to complete the simple QuoteHelper application. That being said, the insurance providers we partner with typically require the following information:

  • General Information – Name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Vehicle Information – Make, model, ownership, annual mileage, and type of usage.
  • Driver Information – Age, occupation, education, and credit rating.
  • Driver History – Accidents, claims, and violations within the last five years.
  • Coverages – Name of your current insurance provider as well as the amount of coverage you would like to purchase from a new provider.
What happens after a quote is provided?

After receiving a quote, the insurance agents and providers you’re matched with receive your application, review the information you provided, and will contact you in less than 48 hours to further discuss your insurance needs and provide you with a full quote. It’s important to note that in some cases we may be unable to match you with local agents and insurance providers for your specific insurance needs.

QuoteHelper also offers you the ability to work directly with one of our insurance provider partners and visit their website for an online quote. Often, you can immediately purchase your policy online from their site after receiving a quote or contact one of the provider’s agents to complete the process. If you already know the type of insurance you need and the coverage options you would like, this is generally the simplest and fastest option.

Is an insurance company?

No, QuoteHelper is neither an insurance agent nor a company. Rather, we are a free consumer referral service, allowing ordinary people just like you to find the best auto insurance quotes in the fastest and simplest way possible. Therefore, we don’t issue insurance policies and aren’t responsible for providing support for any policies purchased through one of our many auto insurance partner agents or providers.

Does charge for its services?

No. Since our goal is to make shopping for auto insurance easier than ever before, we provide our services to consumers free of charge. Rather than charging you, the insurance agents and providers we partner with pay us for referring consumers who match the auto insurance policies they provide.

What are the car average insurance rates across the US?

Car insurance rates vary state by state and there are many individual factors that effect rates. Below is an infographic that shows the average car insurance rates across America based on a single profile of an average driver in 2014. This infographic can be used as a rough basis when comparing quotes but should not be viewed as concrete averages.

I Still Need Help!

Don't worry, we're here to help - it's what we do! If you're having trouble filling out forms or comparing quotes on our site we can always assist you by phone! Call us toll-free at (844) 325-1360 to speak with a representative and we will do our best to help you find a quote that suits your needs.

Quality Providers, Lower Rates!

By comparing car insurance companies online with us, you can be assured you're getting service with premium service providers at rates that are competitive with averages across the nation.

At QuoteHelper, we also provide dozens of helpful articles, tips, and FAQs to help you save as much money as possible on your auto policy. By browsing our site and reading our tips, you’ll not only save money on car insurance but you’ll better understand the optimal level of coverage you need to protect your finances in the event of an accident.

The car you drive, size of your deducible, and the amount of coverage you opt for all play a role in determining your auto insurance premium. Some policies may have lower monthly payments, but end up being more costly if an accident occurs. Other types of policies may have costlier premiums, but can potentially save you thousands of dollars on major repairs. Our helpful auto insurance articles, tips, and FAQs will provide you with everything you need to know in order to make an informed purchasing decision and choose the best auto insurance policy for you.

With hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars on the line, getting the best auto insurance policy for your car, budget, and needs is without a doubt one of the most significant financial decisions you’ll make in 2015. Lucky for you, QuoteHelper makes shopping for auto insurance faster and easier than ever before. Click here to get started, save on your auto insurance, and get back to doing the things you enjoy!